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Valencia Orange Marketing

Original Valencia, S.L.

Original Valencia, a guarantee for growing oranges and mandarins

Original Valencia S.L is the only company authorized by the Association for the Promotion of the Oranges from Valencia Collective Mark to market oranges and mandarin with the marks Valencia Orange and Valencia Clementine.

It consists of three Valencian companies with a long history of large-scale marketing of citrus fruits and which have decided to join forces to take the name Valencia Orange to every corner of Spain and Europe.

Currently the company consists of Agrios Selectos S.L., Germans Fuster S.L. and Tresfrut S.L.

Specializing in citric fruits

Our production focuses on 29 varieties of citrus fruits, oranges and mandarins (Clementines and hybrids). The concern for the quality of our product makes our citrus fruits subject to very demanding quality criteria, to ensure excellent freshness, flavour, aroma and guarantee of origin conditions.
We have almost 100 years experience in marketing citrus fruits, the essential part of which are the packing warehouses capable of packing more than 50 million kilos of fruit per season.


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The aim is to sell a top quality product which involves a return to the best traditions of citrus fruit cultivation in the Valencian Community satisfying customer demands of this century, a product which gives a 100% guarantee of Valencia origin and unbeatable quality and flavour.

Experience and commitment

The companies that make up Original Valencia S.L. are defined by their extensive experience in marketing citrus fruits, their commitment to the quality of all the fruit they market and their commitment to customer service that has enabled them to work with the major distribution companies both in Spain and abroad.


Knowing the origin of products is a priority for current consumers, for this reason Valencia Orange, in compliance with the Cítricos Valencianos PGI regulations, meets the strictest requirement for product traceability thus guaranteeing a high level of food safety.

Contact Original Valencia, S.L.:

Daniel Morant – Sales Manager

Telephone: +34 678 845 864

Send us your enquiry, we will be happy to help you.