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Welcome to Valencia Orange

Envase con Naranjas de Valencia 100%

Valencia Orange

Discover everything about the Valencia Orange. Get to know the ideal variety of orange depending on the season of the year and check out why Valencia oranges are the best in the world.

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Envase de lujo Clementina de Valencia

Valencia Clementine

Valencia mandarins are also considered amongst the best worldwide. Discover the annual harvesting calendar and which varieties are grown here.

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100% Valencia origin

Valencia Orange guarantees 100% Valencia origin. Our fruit is grown and harvested in the Valencian Community and we keep product traceability which guarantees its origin, from the grove to the table.

+200 years of tradition

Grown in the traditional way which began in 1781, when the Valencia Orange began to be grown as they now reach your table. For this reason we keep its essence to revive the best citrus growing tradition.

Quality guaranteed

The brand Cítricos Valencianos PGI is a guarantee of quality for all our fruit. The PGI guarantees flavour, labelling and traceability by thorough inspection, subject to accreditation by ENAC, the Spanish National Accreditation Body.

Unbeatable flavour

Did you know that at Valencia Orange we only harvest the fruit when it is at its optimum ripeness? We are very persevering on this point to ensure that oranges and mandarins, depending on the variety, are harvested only at the right time.

Full of juice

Our mandarins and oranges have a high percentage of juice. We are convinced that you will be thrilled to taste a refreshing orange or have a glass of juice full of vitamins with your breakfast and other meals.

Environmentally friendly

Our oranges are grown in a way that is scrupulously friendly to the environment and the land which so generously enables us to produce, from centuries back, our most emblematic fruit: the orange.


Our oranges and mandarins are grown by Valencian farmers, who generate wealth in our land. Thousands of families, many of them smallholders, derive their income from growing and selling Valencian citrus fruits.

Familia desayunando con Naranja de ValenciaValencia Orange logo in sticker

Have a healthy

  • A unique flavour
  • Energy for your body
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Low in calories
  • Prevents illness
  • Helps with cholesterol


If you need to obtain more information about the Association for the Promotion of the Oranges from Valencia Collective Mark, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be delighted to help you.