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Valencia Orange Association

Our aim is quality
Valencia Orange wrapped on paper
Quality above quantity

The aim of the “Association for the Promotion of the Oranges from Valencia Collective Mark” is to boost and protect the marks Valencia Orange and Valencia Mandarin, as an instrument for promoting the oranges and mandarins grown and processed exclusively in the Valencian Community and also supported by Valencian Citrus Fruits Protected Geographical Indication.


Logotipo IGP Cítricos Valencianos
The association comprises the Cítricos Valencianos PGI and several operators on its register which, for this alone, meet the highest quality parameters set by said organization (origin, colour, size, percentage of juice, ripeness index, etc.).

The importance of origin

The Cítricos Valencianos PGI certification, by enforcing strict traceability control, guarantees that the origin of the mandarins and oranges marketed is the Valencian Community. Only using our marks can oranges and mandarins be sold, grown, harvested and prepared on our lands.

For this reason our mark is synonymous with guaranteed.
100% Valencia origin.

Valencia oranges, because of their flavour, are considered and recognized internationally as the best oranges in the world, due to the geographical situation and climate of our countryside. Thanks to our growing them, we contribute to maintaining the natural ecosystem of the Valencian countryside and provide an environmentally friendly activity

Ubicación y contacto Valencia Orange en Comunidad Valencia
Valencia Orange and mandarin citrus fruits
At the right time for each variety

Our oranges and mandarins have been grown and prepared following a strict quality protocol in which the obtaining of healthy crops, fruit with a perfect appearance, seedless varieties, correct juice content and ripeness index, takes on great importance, so that only healthy fruit of the highest quality reaches your table.
Only the Cítricos Valencianos PGI seal guarantees that our oranges and mandarins have a high juice content and are sold with the right ripeness index. Oranges and mandarins from this origin are harvested, depending on the variety, at the right time, neither sooner or later.

Harvesting Calendar

Marketing “Valencia Orange” oranges and mandarins


The marks Valencia Orange and Valencia Mandarin may only be marketed by companies that are part of the Association for the promotion of the collective mark “Naranja de Valencia”.